Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday!!

I intend to start a new regular posting on my blog titled “Feel Good Friday!”  Now, on this particular Friday I’m not feeling too good about much concerning my health and such BUT I know that in the coming months this will absolutely take a turn and I’ll be bursting with feel goods to share. My original intention was to focus the feel good on healthy food and fitness but I’m sure there will be some other stuff mixed in, too.
So, here it goes, my first “Feel Good Friday” post:
I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual and after seeing the number on the scale I was pretty shocked. And then my doctor, who I’ve gone to for years and really grown to love says to me, “So, are you being active?” Obviously this was her kind way of expressing concern for my health, but I must admit this particular interaction did leave me with my feelings a little hurt. I realized then that I needed to quickly turn it into a positive. I’ve already expressed my desire to get healthy and this is just one more affirmation that I’m on the right track. It feels good to know I’m on the verge of some really fantastic changes in my life!
My friend Stephanie has been on the “get healthy” train since the year started. She posts on Facebook regularly, sharing her progress and milestones. It feels good to have someone that inspires me to keep moving forward and try harder to accomplish my health goals.
School started back up this semester and while my load is pretty light this time around my schedule was kind of dreadful. I go Monday from 4-7 which puts me home at around 7:30ish and Tuesday and Thursday I go from 7-8:30 which puts me home around 9ish. My entire college career I’ve had a similar schedule but I got super spoiled to being home before 7:30 last semester, so I was pretty bummed. Last night, however, my professor decided that she didn’t want to meet on Thursdays. It feels good to be able to come home at a decent hour at least three times a week.
Work has been particularly frustrating this week. While I do love this job and everything my company has done for me in the eight years I’ve been here, it feels good to know I’ll be kissing this place good-bye in the fall.
So there you have it, feel good Friday!


  1. I love Feel Good Friday and I look forward to all your postings in the future!!

    On the days that you are at school late take something that you can snack on that will give you a little energy and fill you up some ex: trail mix. Then when you do make it home you hopefully you won't be overly starving. :) Just a thought.

  2. feels good to know that I will be spending time with my besties in a few hours! It feels even better to know that we will be eating and snacking healthy tonight, since we are all in the business of bettering our health!

  3. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.