Thursday, April 7, 2011

Farfegnugen …

*Disclaimer: today's post really has no direction but I needed a little light heartedness**
…and other things that make me giggle =0) Not sure why but when the hubs gave me ‘farfegnugen’ as a response to my request for a good ‘f’ word I honestly did get a giggle; so began my inspiration for today’s post. I will admit that it truly doesn’t take much to send me into a giggling fit. Slapstick for example, NEVER fails to make me laugh…out loud…like every time (much to my husband’s dismay)! And please don’t think it’s isolated to spectatorship either. I trip very often and it never fails to make me laugh. Yes, I do get stares when I not only trip in public but then proceed to laugh out loud to myself about myself. Again, yes, I do turn a tiny bit red when I realize that no one else thought it was funny. Finally, yes, I do feel a little bit sorry for them because they clearly have no sense of humor. If I’m laughing at myself I have officially given you permission to at least snicker a little bit…take advantage =0P

Let’s see, what else makes me laugh… I absolutely 100% love a cheesy joke, the cheesier the better; i.e. “What kind of pants to clouds where? Thunderpants.” That’s one of my all time favorites; I have a Mario one too but it’s hard to convey the funniness without the sound effects so I’ll refrain.  The more I think about it the more I realize that I officially have the sense of humor of a five year old and the more I think about that the more I think it’s pretty awesome.  So there you have it, the letter ‘F’ as in fun and fancy free!


  1. I am WITH you, girl, on the importance of being able to laugh at yourself! As a fellow trip-and-faller ;), I don't even get embarrassed anymore... just laugh it off and move on! ;)

  2. My fav cheesy joke is Why is 6 scared of 7? Cuz 7 ate 9!! I love it!!

  3. *Raises hand* I am a fellow trip-and-faller. It always has others in stitches laughing at me, I may as well join in.
    Great post today, gave me a smile. Thanks.

  4. Ha! Cheesy jokes are the best. . . another reason why I love me some laffy taffy. ;)