Wednesday, April 13, 2011


…as in Sarah Jaffe and other fun music must-haves!
**side note: I know it’s hard to believe that I could so passionately LOVE all of the music/artists that I have or will post about but it’s the honest to goodness truth,I swear it.**
Man, I sure do love her. Discovered her at a show in Denton and fell in love! She’s very soulful, and her voice is amazing! She’s one of the local artists that my husband and I stalk pretty much every chance we get. We even got to see her at ACL, last year or the year before. I deem her a music must-have!
Ahhhh, Centro-matic! This is one of my husband’s all time favorite bands, if not THE all time favorite. We have attended many a Centro-matic show and I myself have fallen in love through the years. In fact, my husband proposed to me at a Centro-matic show, after a very sweet introduction from lead singer, Will Johnson, himself. **It was definitely dreamy and a night to remember** Yes, he is a little hard to understand as far as lyrics go but eventually you learn. Officially stamped a music must-have!   
Yes, Will Johnson of Centro-matic fame. This song in particular was our wedding song, swoon!! He’s also in a band called South San Gabriel and moonlights as the drummer in yet another band called Monsters of Folk (all of which deserver a listen!). This man is a jack of all trades and if you didn’t get the gist before I’ll tell you again…MUST-HAVE!
This sister duo is super fun! Their sound is different and I love it! I dub thee music must-have =0)

That’s all for now, I know this was a short post as far as music goes but I’m playing catch-up people, give me a break =0P

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  1. Seeing Sarah Jaffe live was such an awesome show! :) Glad D and I got to see it with you two!