Tuesday, April 19, 2011


First, I feel the need to apologize for getting so behind in the challenge, unfortunately, some days just don’t have enough hours. I only have three weeks left in this semester and the deadlines are definitely weighing on me pretty heavily right now. While, I may not be able to post the appropriate letter on the appropriate day, I do promise no letter will go unwritten. I hope that’s okay with you all.
Now, on to the letter ‘O’
I tend to go through what I like to call my ‘obsessed’ phases; basically I find something that I love and I indulge in it until I can’t stand it anymore =0) So here’s my obsessed list as of late(if you’d like any of the recipes just let me know with a comment)…

Thai Cucumber Salad
Thai Cucumber Salad with Thai Burger

We tried this one on Sunday and it will definitely be a staple on my summer salad menu! It’s fresh and light with a spicy kick…mmm!! Also, included in the pic are Thai burgers that were super delicious and a perfect pairing with the salad!

Creamed Spinach
I haven’t taken a picture of this yet but I’m telling you I could eat it at every meal. I didn’t realize I was even a fan of spinach but this particular recipe knocked my socks off!  

Carne Asada with Faux-tato Salad
Cauliflower is such a versatile little veggie, I had no idea. We’ve tried it in a few recipes so far and every single one has been a hit in my house. Give ‘em a rough chop and steam them for a ‘faux-tato’ salad. Run them through the food processor and sauté them for a spin on rice. It’s a great substitute for all my carbaholic favorites!
Scentsy – Honey and Oats
OMG! I purchased my first Scentsy warmer a few weeks ago and this scent is my absolute favorite. Apparently, it’s an acquired taste but it warms me to the core, I love love love it! Also really digging Luna right now =0)
This dress…
Old Navy - Tiered Ruffle Sundress


  1. David and I eat so much spinach it's RIDICULOUS! I'd love to try out your recipe! :) Also, the cucumber salad looks great for summer!

  2. After having eaten that amazing Thai Cucumber Salad... D and I are HOOKED! It's on the menu for May... would you mind sending me the recipe, please? xoxo