Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kickin’ Fat’s Arse!!

I started writing on this particular subject back in March but when I decided to join the A-Z challenge I figured it best to save it! My first post in 2011 was about some great expectations I had for myself called my ‘new life resolutions’. Obviously, I was unable to follow through on all of them (sorry blog world, I guess posting twice a month was just too many for this chick up until now, right?). I am, however, super happy to report that I’m sticking to the most important one, getting healthy; i.e. kickin’ fat’s arse!!
The journey so far…
It took about two months for me to kick it into gear; I had the right frame of mind but lacked the motivation. Then on March 1st, the husband and I got serious and started our fight against the fat =0)
Step 1: Diet!
I’m officially doing Atkins. I was really apprehensive at first for several reasons; the biggest being that cooking is one of my favorite pastimes and I wasn’t willing to give it up. Luckily, Barnes and Noble had a going out of business sale and I stumbled across this great low-carb cookbook; best impulse buy ever! Once that issue was resolved, I agreed to give it a chance and I’m so glad that I did!
This program has not been a diet for me, so I’m officially dubbing it a ‘live-it’. Aside from the first two weeks (you have to quit drinking during this phase =0P) it truly has not been a challenge at all, whatsoever and I honestly thought it would be torture. I mean, I really couldn’t imagine my life without pasta and potatoes until I realized that we were eating one of the two in excess at practically every meal. It was a strange revelation when I admitted to myself that I was officially a carb-aholic, like totally addicted. The more carbs I ate, the more carbs I needed; the less I had, the less I wanted.  I mean, I was out of control and I’m so happy to have moved past that…and my body is too! 
I’ll add here that I’m not 100% carb free, I get just what my body needs through yummy veggies and berries and nuts. Eventually, as I continue my weight loss and move through the program I will begin incorporating more carbs but it’ll be through healthy avenues like whole grains and higher carb fruits.
I’ve dabbled in diets that haven’t worked for me, mostly because I always felt like I had to sacrifice. I felt like I was deprived and I could be strong for a few weeks until I just couldn’t take it anymore then I’d splurge and blow it out of the water. This time is different, maybe it’s my mentality or maybe this is just a really good fit for me. It’s actually probably a little of both, but like I said, for me it’s not a diet, it really feels like a ‘live-it’!
Step 2: Exercise!
My success has not been solely due to diet, I’ve also started incorporating exercise. The husband and I purchased an elliptical in February, LOVE IT! I can get on that thing, read a book and zone out for at least 45 minutes without feeling the least bit tortured. We had a treadmill already but I can’t walk on that thing for more than 10 minutes without looking at the clock counting the second until I’m done, HATE IT! So, elliptical a few times a week and also walks with my girlfriends. It’s so motivating to have someone with you and I’m really enjoying the extra time we’re getting to spend together. I’ve also done Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown video but she’s one tough cookie, I haven’t been able to fully commit to her style of torture, yet =0P I will admit, I have been lazy for the last two weeks but we all need a break I guess, I’m back on track as of this weekend!
Step 3: Water and Vitamins!
I drink water in excess, but I’ve always done that, it really is my favorite and I finally started taking a multivitamin, too.
So that’s my kick start combo so far. And where have these three steps gotten me you ask…
Well, I’ve lost 12 pounds and about 6 inches overall, 2 ½ inches in my waist alone! I feel good and my body feels great! I’m getting my confidence back, too; those endorphins definitely help give a girl a boost =0) I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress and maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel comfortable enough to share with you all my before (yikes!!!) and after pictures at some point.
Until next time…


  1. taking a daily multivitamin makes a huge difference! i started that with my weight watcher's trek many years ago, and when I forget to take it... my body KNOWS! ;)

  2. Great going! I have to kick into gear too. You just gave me a nice reminder to get my butt into gear. :-)

  3. my arse grew when I went back to school (not like it was ever tiny) next wednesday, I'm gonna start kicking aback
    visiting from the A to Z