About Me!

I'm recently married to the most amazing man I've ever met, he is my absolute everything! The hubs and I purchased our first house early last year, it's been a fun process trying to transform it into a home.

Shiloh Boy

We have two pretty cute little animals, Shiloh and Tucker, they're our babies for the time being =0) I absolutely adore cooking, it's one of my favorite things to do and the thing I miss most when I'm busy with school. I'm also trying to get back into being crafty so we'll see where that goes.

Tucker Leigh


I currently attend the University of North Texas at Dallas in pursuit of a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6 Generalist, All Level Special Education)...I can't wait to become a teacher =0P I'm also involved in the Student Council for Exceptional Children - UNT Dallas Chapter. Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to the community through volunteer work and things of that nature; we've also adopted a local school and are working to raise money for the cause. The organization was founded in early 2010 so it's pretty brand new but I'm super excited to see the organization thrive in flourish in the years to come!