Wednesday, April 6, 2011


…as in my music taste. I have always prided myself on being a super open-minded music listener. My mother influenced me a lot with everything from country, to awesome oldies, to super cheese from the 70’s, 80’s and the list goes on. Through explorations on my own I discovered my love for Hot 100, rap and R&B. Then, when I met the man who would be my husband, I was introduced to a whole new ‘off the beaten path’ world of music. I love all music, new and old, so in honor of the letter ‘E’ I present to you in no particular order my Eclectic Eleven  =0)

**Disclaimer: I don't know how to set the links up so they won't redirect the page, so you'll have to open them in a new tab on your own**
A relatively sad song but it’s so so pretty, which is true of most of the music from Bon Iver. The lead voice is very different, almost hypnotic. This is a band I would recommend for a long drive with the windows down on a mellow spring day.
This is one of my Pandora gems, you know the songs that you've never heard that pop up on your favorite station. I discovered it on an early Saturday on my way home from a 4 mile walk with the bestie; I was already on an exercise high and this song just elevated me further. I’ve sampled some other stuff from Beautiful Small Machines and I wouldn’t say they’re my taste overall but I LOVE this song!  
I’m a huge fan of female vocals so I really love Marina and the Diamonds. I like a lot of her songs but this is one that frequents my playlist often as of late; I’m not sure why but it really picks my spirits up.
I originally heard this song as a mash up on Glee (don’t hate) and I really enjoyed the tune so I sought it out in its entirety. Again with the female vocals, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a band that I always enjoy. Heads Will Roll is a super upbeat, make you rock song but be warned the video is a little different.
Being that my husband and I are both huge music lovers we see live shows a lot. One of my most favorite musical experiences to date is the Austin City Limits Festival, we attend every year we’re able. You just can’t beat discovering different bands in a mini-Woodstock atmosphere; it’s a new music experience like you’ve never had! I heard the Cold War Kids my first year at ACL and have been in love ever since.
I’ve loved this band for a while, another ACL discovery and I must say this music truly soothes my soul. Now, I know this might sound funny but I’m typically pretty stingy about my indie bands. Kings of Leon, for example, I love love loved them until they went mainstream and their sound did too. I was, however, elated when I saw the Avett  Brothers make an appearance at the 2011 Grammy’s…hit big boys, you deserve it!
This song is just plain fun, that is all.
Another band that I just can’t live without! The hubs won tickets to a show and these guys opened, I’ve been a fan ever since (funny fact, I hated the opener). I definitely recommend this one!
Ghostland Observatory is another ACL band; the hubs and I had spent an entire day in the pouring rain (super fun but it definitely wears on you) and were both ready to be in a dry place. As we were walking out Ghostland Observatory started their set, I was so wrapped up in the music and the amazing light show that we ended up staying the entire set.
Ah, Modest Mouse, how I love thee! This band is my I’m having a stinkin’ bad day and just want to rock it out go to! I have to give credit to my hubs’ best friend, Ricky, for introducing me to these guys.
Wilco is a favorite of mine regardless but this song in particular pulls my heart strings like no other. Everytime I hear it I envision myself rockin’ a Longacre little baby to sleep and I can’t help but daydream about our future.

And that concludes our jam session for the day; which was very difficult to compile by the way so be prepared for more music posts.


  1. I love your musical style!! I have none, since I only listen to 106.1, it's just what comes on there LOL

  2. I LOVE the song Dog Days! So fun to sing in the car! I know you aren't a G. Love fan, but the Avett brothers produced and played/sang on his new album, Fixin to Die, and I love it! :)