Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perfect timing!

So, I had a bunch of cute little 'P' phrases like, Pretty in Pink or Pocket full of Posies but none of them amounted to anything more than a rambling post about nothing. In lieu of that, I decided to do the little handwriting post that's going around, thanks Tiff, it was PERFECT timing even though Yvonne tagged me first =0P

Show us your handwriting by answering the following questions:

1. Name/blog name
2. Blog URL
3. Copy "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
4. Favorite quote
5. Favorite song
6. Favorite musicians/bands
7. Something you say all the time...
8. Friends whose handwriting you'd like to see!

Here you have it...

**Challenge: See if you can spot my handwriting OCD**


First, I feel the need to apologize for getting so behind in the challenge, unfortunately, some days just don’t have enough hours. I only have three weeks left in this semester and the deadlines are definitely weighing on me pretty heavily right now. While, I may not be able to post the appropriate letter on the appropriate day, I do promise no letter will go unwritten. I hope that’s okay with you all.
Now, on to the letter ‘O’
I tend to go through what I like to call my ‘obsessed’ phases; basically I find something that I love and I indulge in it until I can’t stand it anymore =0) So here’s my obsessed list as of late(if you’d like any of the recipes just let me know with a comment)…

Thai Cucumber Salad
Thai Cucumber Salad with Thai Burger

We tried this one on Sunday and it will definitely be a staple on my summer salad menu! It’s fresh and light with a spicy kick…mmm!! Also, included in the pic are Thai burgers that were super delicious and a perfect pairing with the salad!

Creamed Spinach
I haven’t taken a picture of this yet but I’m telling you I could eat it at every meal. I didn’t realize I was even a fan of spinach but this particular recipe knocked my socks off!  

Carne Asada with Faux-tato Salad
Cauliflower is such a versatile little veggie, I had no idea. We’ve tried it in a few recipes so far and every single one has been a hit in my house. Give ‘em a rough chop and steam them for a ‘faux-tato’ salad. Run them through the food processor and sauté them for a spin on rice. It’s a great substitute for all my carbaholic favorites!
Scentsy – Honey and Oats
OMG! I purchased my first Scentsy warmer a few weeks ago and this scent is my absolute favorite. Apparently, it’s an acquired taste but it warms me to the core, I love love love it! Also really digging Luna right now =0)
This dress…
Old Navy - Tiered Ruffle Sundress

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've had several nicknames in my life: Britt, Brittritter, my father-in-law calls me 'the Brittster', my brother calls me 'fat-head'. I am also called...wait for it...Butt.

Yes, Butt; as in booty my friends. How did I get this nickname you ask. Well, I could tell you it's because I am a proud member of the fat-bottom girls club (and I am) but this is not the case. My best friends mother has incredibly loopy handwriting; upon seeing my name (Britt) scrawled on her refrigerator I dramatically exclaimed something along the lines of "why did you write my number under the word BUTT?!?" And so it started.

The name was exclusive to just family at first but then it spread to a few of my friends and now my friends' kids refer to me as 'Aunt Butt'. I've answered to this name proudly for nearly half my life and it never occurred to me that it might be inappropriate. Then it happened...

I took my bestie's kiddo (we'll call him A) to McDonald's. We ate some lunch and then, of course, it was time to play on the playground. I parked myself on a nearby bench and supervised as 'A' ran wild. After a few ups and downs on the playground it was decided that 'A' desperately needed my attention and so, from the top of the playground, he proceeded to yell my name. 'Buuuuutttttt!!!' 'Aunt Buuuutttt, look at meeeeee!!' I have never been up out of a chair quicker in my life. 'A! I'm right here,' I hushed him. My face turned about 10 shades of red as I realized practically every adult in the vicinity of the playground was now looking at me with quizzical stares. I was soooo the time. Now, I giggle every time I think about it.

That's the thing about nicknames, sometimes they're totally awesome, sometimes they make you blush but it's typically a term of endearment and there's nothing wrong with that. I proudly answer to ALL my nicknames and I'm secretly waiting for one of the kids to mention their 'Aunt Butt' at school because I KNOW that's gonna be a funny story and I won't be the one blushing this time =0P

Friday, April 15, 2011


As in, the most amazing mom around and yes, I do mean mine =0) I can’t tell you how much I respect and admire my mother. She’s steadfast and loyal; she’d do anything for you at the drop of a hat and without complaint. My mom has done a lot for me over the years; she’s molded me into the person I am today and I am so thankful to have her loving guidance. She’s so much more than a mom to me, she’s my teacher, she’s my most honest critic, she’s my biggest fan, simply put, she is my best friend.
This past year has been a very challenging time for my family, particularly my mother. My heartbreaks when I think of the adversity she has been faced with but I have to smile at her unwavering grace and dignity. My mother is the strongest woman I know. I say this to her often but it really is the truth, I hope someday I can live to be half the woman she is…she is just that awesome.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I was facing a bittersweet moment in my life. I have worked with my mother in the same office since graduating from high school. I see her eight hours a day, five days a week, I call her on my way home from school and I still see her on the weekends. There are times when I spend more hours in a day with my mom than I do with my husband. This has been the case for nearly ten years. Needless to say, my mother and I are incredibly close. As you know, I start student teaching in the fall. While I cannot wait to begin this new adventure, I feel an ache in my heart when I think about leaving my mom (it brings tears to my eyes writing about it now); it’s like the end of an era. I know that our relationship will withstand the distance but it’s so hard to imagine not having her so involved in my day to day life. **le sigh**
The purpose of this post is simply to give my mom a shout out for being such stinkin’ amazing woman!
I love you, mom, you’re simply the BEST!!

Little Loves

**Life is getting the best of me, I'm sorry to be tardy to the party!**
I’m sure most, if not all of you have had a pet in your lifetime and perhaps some of you love animals as deeply as I do. I sure do hope so because only then can you understand how I can dedicate an entire post to my sweet little loves/animal children: Shiloh and Tucker!

Tucker was a disaster from the start! We drove all the way to Burleson (actually we got lost on our way out which led to 2.5 hour road trip) for an 8 week old kitten and arrived to find a 4 month old cat. She was scared to death, wouldn’t come out of the corner and seemed to have no personality at all; needless to say my husband wasn’t sold on her. I, on the other hand, refused to leave that place without her, and so it began.

Tiny Tucker
Lazy Tucker!
Big ole fat Tucker!
Model Tucker
First bath...she was thrilled...not!

Our first snake in the new house!

 Tucker is a hot mess still to this day; she’s a quirky little cat, alternating between sugar and spice with the blink of an eye. She absolutely adores Austin (of course) and she kind of likes me (go figure). When we moved last year she became a full blown outside cat, the change definitely suites her and my furniture as well, they are both flourishing with the new arrangement =0P Tuck’s favorite pastime is catching snakes and presenting them to me in various states of living/deadness and my little packages always arrive when my husband is either asleep or away…thank you very much! I've included some pictures of our little snake hunter and some of her prized possessions!
The snake she kindly left on my car.

Shiloh boy was part of a litter of pups from my parent’s dogs. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I fell in love with this shy little puppy immediately. Our first three months with Shiloh were, well, a little challenging (so bad I thought it would be my husband or the dog) but thankfully he grew out of eating everything in sight...kind of, he still prefers my Old Navy flip flops on his high anxiety days. Shiloh is the sweetest, most sensitive, loving and frustratingly neurotic dog I’ve ever come across in my life but he definitely stole a piece of my heart! His favorite pastimes are singing (video to follow) and getting loved on, here are some pics of my sweet pup:

How could I not fall in love with that face?!

My little fox puppy!

Two year olds get big boy bones!

Estee Lauder Puppy =0)

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, ‘Shiloh Sings’!

If that doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will =0P

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kickin’ Fat’s Arse!!

I started writing on this particular subject back in March but when I decided to join the A-Z challenge I figured it best to save it! My first post in 2011 was about some great expectations I had for myself called my ‘new life resolutions’. Obviously, I was unable to follow through on all of them (sorry blog world, I guess posting twice a month was just too many for this chick up until now, right?). I am, however, super happy to report that I’m sticking to the most important one, getting healthy; i.e. kickin’ fat’s arse!!
The journey so far…
It took about two months for me to kick it into gear; I had the right frame of mind but lacked the motivation. Then on March 1st, the husband and I got serious and started our fight against the fat =0)
Step 1: Diet!
I’m officially doing Atkins. I was really apprehensive at first for several reasons; the biggest being that cooking is one of my favorite pastimes and I wasn’t willing to give it up. Luckily, Barnes and Noble had a going out of business sale and I stumbled across this great low-carb cookbook; best impulse buy ever! Once that issue was resolved, I agreed to give it a chance and I’m so glad that I did!
This program has not been a diet for me, so I’m officially dubbing it a ‘live-it’. Aside from the first two weeks (you have to quit drinking during this phase =0P) it truly has not been a challenge at all, whatsoever and I honestly thought it would be torture. I mean, I really couldn’t imagine my life without pasta and potatoes until I realized that we were eating one of the two in excess at practically every meal. It was a strange revelation when I admitted to myself that I was officially a carb-aholic, like totally addicted. The more carbs I ate, the more carbs I needed; the less I had, the less I wanted.  I mean, I was out of control and I’m so happy to have moved past that…and my body is too! 
I’ll add here that I’m not 100% carb free, I get just what my body needs through yummy veggies and berries and nuts. Eventually, as I continue my weight loss and move through the program I will begin incorporating more carbs but it’ll be through healthy avenues like whole grains and higher carb fruits.
I’ve dabbled in diets that haven’t worked for me, mostly because I always felt like I had to sacrifice. I felt like I was deprived and I could be strong for a few weeks until I just couldn’t take it anymore then I’d splurge and blow it out of the water. This time is different, maybe it’s my mentality or maybe this is just a really good fit for me. It’s actually probably a little of both, but like I said, for me it’s not a diet, it really feels like a ‘live-it’!
Step 2: Exercise!
My success has not been solely due to diet, I’ve also started incorporating exercise. The husband and I purchased an elliptical in February, LOVE IT! I can get on that thing, read a book and zone out for at least 45 minutes without feeling the least bit tortured. We had a treadmill already but I can’t walk on that thing for more than 10 minutes without looking at the clock counting the second until I’m done, HATE IT! So, elliptical a few times a week and also walks with my girlfriends. It’s so motivating to have someone with you and I’m really enjoying the extra time we’re getting to spend together. I’ve also done Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown video but she’s one tough cookie, I haven’t been able to fully commit to her style of torture, yet =0P I will admit, I have been lazy for the last two weeks but we all need a break I guess, I’m back on track as of this weekend!
Step 3: Water and Vitamins!
I drink water in excess, but I’ve always done that, it really is my favorite and I finally started taking a multivitamin, too.
So that’s my kick start combo so far. And where have these three steps gotten me you ask…
Well, I’ve lost 12 pounds and about 6 inches overall, 2 ½ inches in my waist alone! I feel good and my body feels great! I’m getting my confidence back, too; those endorphins definitely help give a girl a boost =0) I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress and maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel comfortable enough to share with you all my before (yikes!!!) and after pictures at some point.
Until next time…

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


…as in Sarah Jaffe and other fun music must-haves!
**side note: I know it’s hard to believe that I could so passionately LOVE all of the music/artists that I have or will post about but it’s the honest to goodness truth,I swear it.**
Man, I sure do love her. Discovered her at a show in Denton and fell in love! She’s very soulful, and her voice is amazing! She’s one of the local artists that my husband and I stalk pretty much every chance we get. We even got to see her at ACL, last year or the year before. I deem her a music must-have!
Ahhhh, Centro-matic! This is one of my husband’s all time favorite bands, if not THE all time favorite. We have attended many a Centro-matic show and I myself have fallen in love through the years. In fact, my husband proposed to me at a Centro-matic show, after a very sweet introduction from lead singer, Will Johnson, himself. **It was definitely dreamy and a night to remember** Yes, he is a little hard to understand as far as lyrics go but eventually you learn. Officially stamped a music must-have!   
Yes, Will Johnson of Centro-matic fame. This song in particular was our wedding song, swoon!! He’s also in a band called South San Gabriel and moonlights as the drummer in yet another band called Monsters of Folk (all of which deserver a listen!). This man is a jack of all trades and if you didn’t get the gist before I’ll tell you again…MUST-HAVE!
This sister duo is super fun! Their sound is different and I love it! I dub thee music must-have =0)

That’s all for now, I know this was a short post as far as music goes but I’m playing catch-up people, give me a break =0P

Income Insecurity

Yes, hot off the heels of my ‘high heels’ shopping post, I do dare discuss our impending income insecurity. I’m waffling so much lately between hopefulness and insecurity as I consider what the future holds for us and our finances. I suppose this post is more to get it off my chest than anything else, so bear with me….
As some of you know, I’m currently in school to become an educator; I am finally starting my student teaching in the fall. For those who don’t know, student teaching in my particular program means 9 months of work without pay, plus a summer of who knows what. Now, obviously I could attempt to work a part time job on top of my internship, and if it becomes necessary I probably will. Unfortunately, I actually had to sign a contract with the school stating that I understood working while student teaching is frowned upon and if my work suffers as a result I could be kicked out of the program. Do I think this is a little drastic? Yes! Do I know for sure? No. Point one of my insecurity: I just don’t know if my school work load will enable me to work.
I will be optimistic and say that my husband and I have done a lot to prepare ourselves for this situation. We’ve both busted our bottoms to get debt free, and while we’re not quite there, it is realistic to say that we could get there or very close in the next few months (side note: this does not include my minimal student loan debt that we will inherit once I’m out of school). My husband’s vehicle was paid off in February and mine will be paid off in November at the latest. So, point one of hopefulness: our funds outgoing will be cut substantially by fall.
I have actually been a student for about seven years now, and I will be receiving my Bachelor’s Degree 10 years to the date of my high school graduation. Point two of hopefulness: I cannot believe it’s FINALLY here. Sadly, the current state of affairs concerning budget cuts in education has left thousands of teacher’s without jobs and who knows what the future holds. Point two of insecurity: After all this time, will I even be able to get a job? Point three of hopefulness: I do have a year and half before I’ll even be ready for a job and a lot can change between now and then. **fingers crossed, big prayers**
I’ll refrain from continuing this list because I could literally go on and on. These thoughts and many others run through my mind constantly as of late. I can’t ever decide how I’m truly feeling about the situation because the hopefulness honestly does outweigh the worry but the worry never ceases. The fact of the matter is this: all of these things are question marks that I can’t answer to until we’re there. And so, between now and then, I’m going to try my very best not to worry my little head about it because there’s simply no fix for something that ain’t broke.

High Heels...

**Disclaimer: Yes, I know I am extremely behind and I do apologize for my tardiness. Fear not, my make-up work will be turned in shortly :0)**
…as in the wedge because that’s the only heel I’m able to physically walk in =0P I love to shop, in fact some might say (my husband) that I’m a bit of a shopaholic, especially when it comes to online shopping. This is part of the reason I adore the changing of the seasons, it gives me an excuse to shop! This season I’m trying my hand at a ‘grown-up’ wardrobe. My wardrobe is pretty simple, I feel pretty confident in the basics that fill my closet; solid colors and about every style of pant/jean known to man. Overall, my clothes are flexible and just about everything could be used in a casual or professional atmosphere.
The problem was my jewelry selection, or lack thereof, and my shoe collection. Now, I do have an AMAZING collection of shoes in my closet. I am incredibly sad to report that the majority of these beauties never get worn because I simply cannot walk in them comfortably for an extended period of time; in short, they’re for looking not for walking. I’m also a little ashamed to report that in the past, my most consistent shoe staple consisted of Old Navy flip-flops in just about every color imaginable.
While I was incredibly color coordinated during my flip flop fever, I was not necessarily ‘put together’ in a professional sense. So my goal for the spring/summer was to dress up my wardrobe with shoes that were dressy but realistically wearable on a daily basis. And so began my hunt for the perfect WEDGE!
These are my fun shoe finds so far, and I have to say that I absolutely adore every single purchase and all of them are chic and sensible:

Candies – Charlize (from Kohl's)

Miss Me Roma (DSW Shoe Warehouse)

Fioni - Pandora (Payless Shoe Source)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gloriously grey...

…and I couldn’t be more grateful. I genuinely love a cloudy, dreary day and a little rain just adds to my glee! I am definitely not a SAD sufferer; in fact, if not for the inevitable bad hair days, I think I could survive living in Seattle quite gracefully. Don’t misunderstand, I do love me some sunshine but I’m of the opinion that if I have to be trapped behind a desk instead of gettin’ groovy in the sun, it’s a waste. Besides, who doesn’t love a good cuddle on the couch kind of day?  
On a completely separate topic, I have a date night with Mr. Fantastic (At my husband’s request, he will no longer be referred to as ‘the hubs’, apparently we despise this terminology. He jokingly suggested I call him Mr. Fantastic, little did he know =0P). With both of us in school, working full-time jobs, trying to work in family, friends and everything else in between, making time for ‘us’ can be a challenge. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to having some time alone with my honey!!
*Side Note* The sun is beginning to peek through the clouds as I write, and while I am a little sad to see my grey day go; the change will be nice for our date night events!
And one last thing ‘G’ thing before I wrap up…
I’m giddy about a new blog authored by a girlfriend of mine, please go check her out here...Glam or Sham.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Farfegnugen …

*Disclaimer: today's post really has no direction but I needed a little light heartedness**
…and other things that make me giggle =0) Not sure why but when the hubs gave me ‘farfegnugen’ as a response to my request for a good ‘f’ word I honestly did get a giggle; so began my inspiration for today’s post. I will admit that it truly doesn’t take much to send me into a giggling fit. Slapstick for example, NEVER fails to make me laugh…out loud…like every time (much to my husband’s dismay)! And please don’t think it’s isolated to spectatorship either. I trip very often and it never fails to make me laugh. Yes, I do get stares when I not only trip in public but then proceed to laugh out loud to myself about myself. Again, yes, I do turn a tiny bit red when I realize that no one else thought it was funny. Finally, yes, I do feel a little bit sorry for them because they clearly have no sense of humor. If I’m laughing at myself I have officially given you permission to at least snicker a little bit…take advantage =0P

Let’s see, what else makes me laugh… I absolutely 100% love a cheesy joke, the cheesier the better; i.e. “What kind of pants to clouds where? Thunderpants.” That’s one of my all time favorites; I have a Mario one too but it’s hard to convey the funniness without the sound effects so I’ll refrain.  The more I think about it the more I realize that I officially have the sense of humor of a five year old and the more I think about that the more I think it’s pretty awesome.  So there you have it, the letter ‘F’ as in fun and fancy free!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


…as in my music taste. I have always prided myself on being a super open-minded music listener. My mother influenced me a lot with everything from country, to awesome oldies, to super cheese from the 70’s, 80’s and the list goes on. Through explorations on my own I discovered my love for Hot 100, rap and R&B. Then, when I met the man who would be my husband, I was introduced to a whole new ‘off the beaten path’ world of music. I love all music, new and old, so in honor of the letter ‘E’ I present to you in no particular order my Eclectic Eleven  =0)

**Disclaimer: I don't know how to set the links up so they won't redirect the page, so you'll have to open them in a new tab on your own**
A relatively sad song but it’s so so pretty, which is true of most of the music from Bon Iver. The lead voice is very different, almost hypnotic. This is a band I would recommend for a long drive with the windows down on a mellow spring day.
This is one of my Pandora gems, you know the songs that you've never heard that pop up on your favorite station. I discovered it on an early Saturday on my way home from a 4 mile walk with the bestie; I was already on an exercise high and this song just elevated me further. I’ve sampled some other stuff from Beautiful Small Machines and I wouldn’t say they’re my taste overall but I LOVE this song!  
I’m a huge fan of female vocals so I really love Marina and the Diamonds. I like a lot of her songs but this is one that frequents my playlist often as of late; I’m not sure why but it really picks my spirits up.
I originally heard this song as a mash up on Glee (don’t hate) and I really enjoyed the tune so I sought it out in its entirety. Again with the female vocals, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a band that I always enjoy. Heads Will Roll is a super upbeat, make you rock song but be warned the video is a little different.
Being that my husband and I are both huge music lovers we see live shows a lot. One of my most favorite musical experiences to date is the Austin City Limits Festival, we attend every year we’re able. You just can’t beat discovering different bands in a mini-Woodstock atmosphere; it’s a new music experience like you’ve never had! I heard the Cold War Kids my first year at ACL and have been in love ever since.
I’ve loved this band for a while, another ACL discovery and I must say this music truly soothes my soul. Now, I know this might sound funny but I’m typically pretty stingy about my indie bands. Kings of Leon, for example, I love love loved them until they went mainstream and their sound did too. I was, however, elated when I saw the Avett  Brothers make an appearance at the 2011 Grammy’s…hit big boys, you deserve it!
This song is just plain fun, that is all.
Another band that I just can’t live without! The hubs won tickets to a show and these guys opened, I’ve been a fan ever since (funny fact, I hated the opener). I definitely recommend this one!
Ghostland Observatory is another ACL band; the hubs and I had spent an entire day in the pouring rain (super fun but it definitely wears on you) and were both ready to be in a dry place. As we were walking out Ghostland Observatory started their set, I was so wrapped up in the music and the amazing light show that we ended up staying the entire set.
Ah, Modest Mouse, how I love thee! This band is my I’m having a stinkin’ bad day and just want to rock it out go to! I have to give credit to my hubs’ best friend, Ricky, for introducing me to these guys.
Wilco is a favorite of mine regardless but this song in particular pulls my heart strings like no other. Everytime I hear it I envision myself rockin’ a Longacre little baby to sleep and I can’t help but daydream about our future.

And that concludes our jam session for the day; which was very difficult to compile by the way so be prepared for more music posts.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't bring me Down

I wasn’t 100% about this post directly following my positivity post yesterday but the more I think about it the more I feel the two topics really go hand in hand. You see, what had happened was…

Yesterday, during an innocent conversation about some recent medical issues I’ve been dealing with, a friend of mine shared a story about a person who had dealt with similar issues. Obviously, based on how this story impacted me, it wasn’t a very happy one. Now, I am absolutely, without a doubt positive that her intention was not to upset or disturb me but they did just that. I say ‘they’ because it wasn’t her so much as her words.

Pondering this experience and how deeply affected I was by a simple conversation, it really got me thinking about the power of words. I wish that I could say I always think before I speak but I can assure you I do not. There are many a times when I spout off about one thing or another and immediately wish I had filtered a little; well, let’s be honest, filtered A LOT! Sometimes it’s hard to recognize how impactful words can be until you’re on the receiving end of a ‘tongue lashing’.

All and all, while this particular experience does have me a bit down and out, when I consider it in its entirety, I have to say, I’m thankful. I’m thankful because this situation has forced me to do two things: One, I am forced to decide whether to dwell in it or let it go, I choose the latter. And, two, it has encouraged to be more thoughtful with my own cheers to that!

Brought to you by the letter 'D'! 

Monday, April 4, 2011


Contagious can be associated with some rather icky thoughts and feelings, especially when you see someone sneeze all over his/her hands and immediately extend that hand for a shake…icky.
Or when you go to the doctor for a wellness exam and someone in the lobby looks two steps from death due to illness…ugh. Needless to say, I’m clearly a person who gets the heebie-jeebies from most things contagious.

However, there are many things contagious that I rather do enjoy…like laughter for example, man, I sure do love a good laugh. Or how about a smile; sometimes even when I’m having a super grumpy day a smile, even from a stranger, makes everything feel a little less grey. Even your attitude can be contagious. When I come home in a stormy mood it doesn’t take long before my attitude has rubbed off on the hubs. Thankfully, the same applies for a super good attitude as well! When I consider the word contagious from this perspective, I’m definitely encouraged to make sure I’m carrying something worth catching.
How does that old saying go? Oh, that’s right…’laughter is the best medicine’. So today and always, I hope to spread my smile, laugh a little more infectiously, and make my positive attitude an epidemic
And I hope you'll do the same!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, I started writing my ‘B’ blog about a bittersweet moment coming up in my life but I’ve decided to hold off on that topic for now. Today I’m really feeling overjoyed about some amazing people in my life, my very best friends. What started out as good girlfriends growing up together has grown into this amazing little extended family. As each of us found love in our life, a new addition was added to our ‘clique’.  Now, as each of us begins to build a family of our own, I’m able to watch this amazing new generation of kiddos building the same bonds that we all have. It’s such a beautiful thing to see and better than that, be a part of. Words just can’t express the happy heart that these people give me on a daily basis. So, ladies (you know who you are) I want to say, ‘thank you’ for being the most awesomest best friends a girl could have…my life simply wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of you!!
      And now to add a little bossness (or cheese, whichever) to YOUR life please click below

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools’

I bet most of you thought I’d dropped out of the ‘blogosphere’ never to return didn’t you?!? Well, it looks like I GOTCHA!!  I suppose it has been a while so I can’t really say that I blame you. I’m definitely glad to be back with splash thanks to the ‘A-Z Blogging Challenge!’ hosted by Tossing It Out.

It’s a pretty fierce challenge but that's the nature of the beast! Needless to say, I’m pretty amped up and super excited to be making my return to the blog world in a big way. This should be an interesting journey, I hope you all enjoy the ride =0)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday!!

I intend to start a new regular posting on my blog titled “Feel Good Friday!”  Now, on this particular Friday I’m not feeling too good about much concerning my health and such BUT I know that in the coming months this will absolutely take a turn and I’ll be bursting with feel goods to share. My original intention was to focus the feel good on healthy food and fitness but I’m sure there will be some other stuff mixed in, too.
So, here it goes, my first “Feel Good Friday” post:
I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual and after seeing the number on the scale I was pretty shocked. And then my doctor, who I’ve gone to for years and really grown to love says to me, “So, are you being active?” Obviously this was her kind way of expressing concern for my health, but I must admit this particular interaction did leave me with my feelings a little hurt. I realized then that I needed to quickly turn it into a positive. I’ve already expressed my desire to get healthy and this is just one more affirmation that I’m on the right track. It feels good to know I’m on the verge of some really fantastic changes in my life!
My friend Stephanie has been on the “get healthy” train since the year started. She posts on Facebook regularly, sharing her progress and milestones. It feels good to have someone that inspires me to keep moving forward and try harder to accomplish my health goals.
School started back up this semester and while my load is pretty light this time around my schedule was kind of dreadful. I go Monday from 4-7 which puts me home at around 7:30ish and Tuesday and Thursday I go from 7-8:30 which puts me home around 9ish. My entire college career I’ve had a similar schedule but I got super spoiled to being home before 7:30 last semester, so I was pretty bummed. Last night, however, my professor decided that she didn’t want to meet on Thursdays. It feels good to be able to come home at a decent hour at least three times a week.
Work has been particularly frustrating this week. While I do love this job and everything my company has done for me in the eight years I’ve been here, it feels good to know I’ll be kissing this place good-bye in the fall.
So there you have it, feel good Friday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Craft Diva

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently in the process of unveiling my inner craft diva. The Cricut is a toy that I’ve coveted for many moons; so as a belated Christmas/Happy New Year gift to me, I decided I would FINALLY purchase one. I ordered it through Amazon (for all my Amazon addicts out there if you have an edu email address you qualify for a free year of Amazon Prime…sweet!) got my free two day shipping and couldn't wait for it to arrive. It was delivered at the office so I had to wait a whole 4 hours to get home and bust it out of the box. Once I got settled in I pretty much immediately sat down with my little bug and start playing.
I just wanted to get a feel for how it works so mostly I was just goofing around with it. I got my paper all cut and ready to go on the sticky pad, throw it in the machine, type out my cute little Cricut message and press cut. I was so excited to unload the paper and to see my fantastic cutout and then it happened…the frustration. I attempted to lift my design off the sticky pad and realized that the Cricut hadn’t cut some of the paper all the way through. I was a little sad but refusing to be discouraged, I borrowed an Exacto knife from the husband and proceeded to cut the uncut pieces. Once it was all cut up I tried once again to lift my cutout off the sticky pad and it started to rip and tear the paper. Okay, I thought, maybe I need better paper. So I tried a thicker card stock and got the same results. I was so disgruntled and discouraged I had to walk away from the machine after only 30 minutes of playtime.
            Now, I suppose it’s only fair that I should clarify that I am a product of my generation and as such I have issues with gratification i.e. I need for it to be instant. I’m the girl that clicks on the internet button and if the page doesn’t open within 1-2 seconds I click it again and again and end up with 10 or more open internet pages. I know…it’s ridiculous but at least I can see the error of my ways. I’m also a crazy cheap thrifty person and I also like it when things work effectively and efficiently, in fact, I have little patience for malfunctions.
That being said, I’ll continue. I felt so betrayed that my new little bug friend wasn't producing the wonderfully easy, super, fun, creative, little cutouts that I see everywhere. My perfect little personal Cricut wasn't as perfect as I expected. Expressing my immense sadness to my husband, I was kindly reminded that perhaps it would require a little more than 30 minutes spent with the machine to draw any real conclusions about its quality and effectiveness. He also nonchalantly implied that perhaps there might have been some user errors along the way…pssh! Luckily for me and the Cricut, I had a paint project laying in wait so I moved on to that instead (this project has proved much more gratifying to date).
Not one to give up easily (yeah right, right?!), I started watching Cricut tutorials the next day. As it turns out, the majority of the issue was indeed operator error, go figure. While this was a small blow to my craft diva ego, I’ve decided that the Cricut and I can still be friends…I’ll let you know how it works out.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Life!

Boy, did the New Year come fast or what?! I’ve been thinking hard about whether or not I wanted to come up with “New Year’s Resolutions” for myself. I’ll admit, similar to most, I’ve typically been pretty terrible at actually fulfilling any resolutions I’ve set in the past. The more I contemplated setting new resolutions, the more I wondered why it’s always been so hard to accomplish the old ones. After much pondering, I’ve decided that I don’t have a particular problem with the resolve part; I’m always pretty resolute and determined initially. I think my issue is more the “New Year” part.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that diminution is an appropriate solution for my resolution evolution. (HA!) What I mean to say is, instead of making a change for the new year, I’d rather make a change for a new life! That being said, here are my “New Life Resolutions”:
1.       The hubs and I are making a commitment to health. We talk about the future and having children and the more we think about those things, the more we both want to better ourselves. We both feel strongly about teaching our little babies to be that healthy eating and an active lifestyle are the coolest. So what are we supposed to do, throw out the classic “do as I say, not as I do”?? Not a chance…we’re going to lead by example starting now!
2.       I’m also resolving to tap into my creative juices. I need a hobby in the worst way; I’m so tired of lazing around in front of the TV. Sure, it’s a legitimate pastime and one that I don’t intend to give up completely, but I need a new outlet for my boredom. Being that I’m pretty thrifty and at times can be creative, I’ve decided I’m going to combine my powers and become the next Martha Stewart! Well, maybe that’s going a little too far BUT I am going to start crafting =0) I’ve been super inspired by some of my Facebook peeps and also my fellow bloggers so I’m going to take a page from their books. I’ll probably post some stuff here and there to share with you all so be on the look-out.
3.       I want to start utilizing the good ole United State Postal Service. While I do love my technology (ask my husband about his long standing grudge against my iPhone) I can’t deny the joy I get when I receive a pretty envelope, stamped with real postage, containing anything other than a bill in my mailbox. With this in mind, I would like to start mailing cards just because I think it’s a thoughtful thing to do.
4.       Lastly, I want to get this blog going in full force. Being in school and working full time I don’t have all the time in the world but I want to write more. I think I can commit to posting at least twice a month to start and if I’m able to do more than YAY for me =0)
So there you have it, my “New Life Resolutions”. I have to say I’m genuinely excited about these changes and I can’t wait to get started!
                                     Happy New Life, everybody!!